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    JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A trusted resource for using the cost approach to produce single-family residence including manufactured home appraisals.

    Customizable reports consider all significant cost variables and physical and functional depreciation. Data based on our trusted National Building Cost Manual! Store, print and share customizable reports. Cancel anytime. The National Appraisal Estimator is an online appraisal estimating service for "cost approach" valuations. In ONLY five minutes you can estimate the appraised value of nearly any single-family residence including manufactured homes considering all significant cost variables and both physical and functional depreciation.

    The online software is based on the latest version of our highly popular National Building Cost Manual including unlimited upgrades, free technical support, and unlimited valuation reports. Reports cover all important variables including more than 30 construction cost categories, adjusted for geographic area and include functions required by state laws such as California 10 CCR You get unlimited reports for one low monthly price.

    View Sample Report. Save even more time by creating templates to re-use for future reports. Create as many templates as you need. Save, access, edit unlimited reports online, as well as export your reports as emails, PDF Documents, and Word Documents. I've been using your products for a long time. Your software gives me the best estimates. It's very rare that a contractor challenges a cost estimate that I've prepared.

    Thanks so much!!! Craftsman cost data is the best in the business. I've been to court and the data stands up well. Do you have a question about National Appraisal Estimator? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

    Easy Appraisal Estimating Software Produce cost reports in five minutes! National Appraisal Estimator Pro Store, print and share customizable reports. Why National Appraisal Estimator Pro?Many people looking to build a home often wonder exactly how much it costs and how much new home construction costs per square foot — but this is not an easy question to answer.

    There are many factors and steps to consider when estimating new home construction costs. Many builders will have a breadth of floor plans to choose from. These floor plans will determine the size, style, quality and features you desire in your new home and will be the baseline for your project from here on out. Next, you should find the right local builder. Finding a suitable builder for your project is important in maintaining a proper execution, timeline and budget for your build.

    They should be able to tell you their cost per square foot to build a house that is similar to yours, and at the same time they should be able to give you an approximate idea of what your home might cost to build. It is always a good idea on your end to ask what exactly the new home construction cost includes. Arriving at an exact figure for new home costs per square foot might not be realistic, but getting a ballpark idea should be possible.

    To do this, take the total cost of your project, as outlined by your builder, and divide this number by the total number of square feet in your project. You can also compare your desired build to other newly constructed homes again, those similar in size, style, quality and features in your area, then take the price of the home — minus the land it is on — and divide this by the amount of square footage in the home you wish to build. By doing this exercise with a few homes, you can also determine whether the estimate for your new home that your builder has provided is competitive and reasonable.

    Style, quality and features must not be overlooked when determining new home constructions costs. Building a new home in New Hampshire? These include:. Above all, it is crucial to prepare for cost overruns when determining a new home construction cost.

    If you can actively remember that the finished cost of a home is often more than the original bid price, you can work to avoid this outcome. For some, it can be too easy to get carried away and fall in love with higher-end flooring materials, vaulted ceilings, elaborate landscaping and so on. But every time this happens, the price of your new home build increases. Start by working with your new home builder to create as detailed a construction contract as possible.

    The more detail this contact reveals, the more accurate your estimated new home cost will be, and the more likely you are to stay within your budget. Also, you can always work backwards to keep within your budget. This means knowing what you can spend then designing a house to be built in an area you can afford with the style, quality and features that will fit your finances.

    Chinburg Properties has built a variety of custom homes to represent different lifestyles and budgets. Watch the video below to see how our process works. Get an Idea of What Your New Home Construction Costs Per Square Foot Arriving at an exact figure for new home costs per square foot might not be realistic, but getting a ballpark idea should be possible.

    Style Style refers to the architecture of the new home. Homes that are more square or rectangular cost less to build. The same is true for a two-story versus a one-story home with the same square footage because a one-story home will require a larger roof and foundation. As well, homes that boast a deeper design greater than 32 feet might also require a roof with specially designed trusses.Answer the questions to get a detailed cost summary for a new home.

    Main Floor Information. Main floor living area:. Enter the square footage of the living area on the main floor. The living area does not include areas such as garages, porches or decks. Main floor ceiling height:. Enter the main floor ceiling height. This is the distance in feet from the floor to the ceiling. The standard ceiling height is 8 feet, but they are often upgraded to 9' or 10'.

    Slab on grade:.

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    Will this be a slab on grade home? If you select "No" the program will calculate your home assuming it will have a crawl space or a basement. Slab on grade will calculate your main floor as concrete. Covered porch area:. This is the total area of all the porches on your home which will not have usable area underneath it.

    Porches are covered exterior areas which have a concrete floor. Deck area will be entered later. This is the total area of all the porches on your home which will have usable area underneath it. Often times the area underneath will be used for cold storage. Choose a pre-entered plan from Crookston Custom Designs.By: Dan Taylor on September 25, Performing accurate cost estimating is critical to the success of your construction business.

    Estimate too high and you win fewer jobs, too low and your profits disappear. Estimating by hand is time-consuming, so at some point, you may consider using software to bid more jobs in less time. Although software can be a big investment, not every tool has to break the bank.

    building estimate

    We chose products that offer a stand-alone free or open source version, meet our definition for construction estimating software, and rank highly in search. Learn more about how we chose featured products here. In most cases but not allfree construction estimating and takeoff software options earn revenue by offering a basic free version to entice users to download, with premium features available for a price.

    As a result, you should note that the free version of the products listed below may not have all the features you need. It has two dozen worksheets that report back to a summary page in order to provide updated estimates. Easy-Pro Builders Estimator was created by a construction manager who wanted to serve smaller construction firms looking for an accurate and simple program that was free. Get Price Compare Products Estimator 2.

    Overview: Estimator 2. Estimator 2. The free program lets you create an estimation and then print it out, ideal for those who are pressed for time and want to quickly make an estimation without having to spend a lot of money on premier software. Estimator lets construction companies create estimates for a host of construction projects, including concrete structures, earth work, masonry, plastering, and more.

    Overview: STACK offers free construction software aimed at firms looking to streamline the bid process and accurately estimate materials, equipment, and labor.

    It generates an estimate based on your input of how much of each material will be needed and what labor, equipment, and overhead will be involved. The software is cloud-based and therefore can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection.

    It is also compatible with all types of platforms, from smartphones to desktop computers. STACK also includes training with the software for free. A full-featured version is available for purchase. Open source construction estimating and takeoff platforms are also free, but they have an additional wrinkle: the original source code is available. There are some benefits and drawbacks to this you should be aware of. The benefits are that in addition to being free, you will be able to customize and adapt the software to fit your individual business.

    Lack of technical ability could become a problem if the software needs improvement down the road to fit your firm.

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    Get Price Compare Products 2-plan Team is entirely free and open source software with some capabilities helpful to estimators Source. Overview: 2-plan Team is a project management platform geared toward construction firms, and among its three PM tools is an open-source desktop system that can be used for multiple projects and teams. It is mostly meant for managing the entirety of a construction project as opposed to just estimating and takeoff, but there are tools available for that purpose as well.

    Estimation -- Building Estimation and Costing -- Estimation and Costing -- cost estimation

    The source code for 2-plan Team has been published at SourceForge, where you can download it for free. Free and open source estimating software is a great stepping stone for many small construction firms—especially those using software for the first time. But as job volume increases, paid software often becomes the better choice.

    Higher job volume and company growth means more people, processes, and training are necessary to estimate and complete projects. Fortunately, there are affordable estimating and takeoff products that also offer free trials. When you opt for free and open source platforms, you get what you pay for a lot of the time. There are a lot of special features that can really take your business to the next level—like customized reports and detailed time tracking—that you may not get with a free option.

    Free and open source platforms can also be a lot more challenging for an organization to use. To help ensure your software search is sufficiently thorough, download this list of top-rated paid software systems and their offerings:. Download this guide to see top construction estimating and takeoff systems based on real user reviews.Update: MeasureSquare has updated its estimating platform to include new tools that streamline the proposal process.

    11+ Construction Estimate Templates – PDF, DOC, Excel

    If you're still using manual transcripts or spreadsheets for your construction business, construction estimation software is a good way to rebuild and start fresh. Construction estimation software is designed for contractors who estimate construction costs for work projects. This software can estimate bidding prices, along with other features, for projects that will result in a construction contract. The signup process is quick, there are plenty of options tailored to your specific trade, and, in most cases, you can pay on a monthly basis and receive a free trial or demo.

    Construction estimation is ideal for small, midsize and large businesses in contracting, residential or commercial lines of work. With dozens of options available, choosing one that's perfect for your needs can be a difficult process. To help you, we conducted our own research to determine the best construction estimation software. Estimation software gives construction professionals more control over their data and project workflow. Overall, project management is about making your projects efficient and accountable by compiling documentation in one centralized location.

    This reduces the risk of delays and errors, likely increasing sales. The first step in choosing the right estimation software is to identify your project management strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint the necessary solutions.

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    Understanding the basics of estimate software can help you narrow it down by key factors such as logistics, usability, cost, stability, cloud construction and customer support. The best construction estimation software offers numerous features for project management, project schedules, instant takeoffs and easy bidding.

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    You should expect the service to include the following standard features. To make a fair and accurate bid to a client, you'll need software that can pull the latest prices of materials and equipment from the internet.

    building estimate

    Many construction estimating software companies have access to wholesale databases for checking the ever-changing costs of building materials. In addition to pulling data from online databases, the better programs allow you to add items and prices from your own suppliers to compare prices.

    You can make a similar database for subcontractors to compare labor costs.

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    Takeoffs are an important aspect of construction estimating, because they allow you to determine the exact amount of materials you need, estimate a cost for those materials, and adjust those factors alongside design plans to offer a better bid to the client.

    Amongst its digital takeoff features, it's common for construction estimating software to allow you to upload a blueprint of the proposed project, usually as a CAD or BIM file, that you can edit within the software. A mobile version of the estimating program is especially helpful during the construction phase, particularly if you're onsite often. You'll be able to quickly access estimate information directly from your phone or tablet to make quick decisions during building.

    Software that is compatible with both iOS and Android can increase connectivity and communication throughout your team and improve your overall workflow.

    A few of the programs we reviewed are part of larger suites of construction software that integrate with each other. Other programs in these suites include construction management, accounting and scheduling software. We looked at each product's compatibility with programs construction companies commonly use, such as Intuit QuickBooks for accounting and Microsoft Excel for various spreadsheets. These bundles undoubtedly come at a higher price, but depending on your needs, it could be worth it to purchase a complete suite of tools.

    The cloud is the most practical and secure way to process and store your estimate data. There are three main categories of cloud construction : infrastructure as a service IaaSplatform as a service PaaS and software as a service SaaS. IaaS and PaaS are larger solutions for IT operations, while SaaS is the easiest way to get the most out of cloud computing with little investment. Most SaaS solutions focus on the construction industry and are prevalent in estimation programs that offer solid cloud construction.

    According to the McKinsey Global Institute, the construction industry is among the least digitizednext to the agriculture and hunting industry. Your construction business can't afford to turn a blind eye to digital trends like cloud hosting. While some programs are easier to learn than others, construction estimating software can still be complicated to properly operate, so tutorial material should be readily available. Many of the companies have extensive training materials on their websites and even host remote seminars or in-person training classes, sometimes at an extra cost.

    With numerous estimation software programs on the market, choosing the right one may be difficult.The responsibility for compiling accurate estimates for a construction company normally falls onto the shoulders of the salesperson. Some construction-related companies hire estimators to estimate, and sales people to sell. I personally believe this is a duplication of effort needed to get to the sale and it runs up the overhead expense.

    If possible, these two positions should be combined. We have a class that teaches estimating. What we are going to do in this article is cover some estimating issues. Handling these issues properly can get you back in front of the customer quicker with more accurate construction estimates.

    That leads to a better presentation and more sales. I was recently called as an expert witness to sort out a job gone bad. On my first visit to the jobsite, I asked to see the plans.

    I asked if there was another set. The owner told me the contractor had the only set. I asked how they could possibly hope for a job to be built with only one set of sketches, and those only conceptual.

    8 Best Free Construction Estimate Templates

    I bit my tongue, almost in two. Conceptual drawings are rough ideas only and hardly constitute a set of plans from which an accurate estimate can be derived or a job built. And yes, the owner did take low bid on the job.

    Tell your prospective customer that unless and until they authorize you or someone else to do a set of plans that will pass the plan review at the local building department, the most you will give them is a very rough approximate for their job. One of the biggest time-wasters is estimating by the old stick estimating method. For those new to the business, stick estimates involve a number of steps:.

    building estimate

    These steps, properly followed, will result in an accurate job cost. Apply your markup, and you have a price. Unfortunately, because it is so time consuming, it is seldom done with care and the result is often a sales price that is inadequate to cover the cost of the job let alone the overhead and any profit required by the company. Another major flaw with stick estimating is that it requires separate material and labor takeoffs lists before you can do the math.

    Compiling one before you write a contract is a waste of time. Estimating should be done by unit cost only. It is much faster as much as two times than stick estimating, just as accurate, and gets you back in front of the customer sooner. You need to be back in front of your customers with a quote in days, at most days.

    Then get back to your customer with your quotation and move on with the sale. There are a number of estimating books available with unit prices. Care must be taken, because many of these books are regional in nature although they may claim they work everywhere. Their method of constructing a given project may be entirely different than the way you build your jobs. An example is the use of steel I-beams in the eastern United States.

    In the west we use glu-lam wood beams. Pricing in many of the books is local, maybe regional. Look at their book, count the number of items in the book, and multiply that by the number of towns in the United States. If you decide to use one of these books, here is a quick trick to keep your book accurate for your area.An estimate is a calculation of the quantities of various items of work, and the expenses likely to be incurred thereon.

    The total of these probable expenses to be incurred on the work is known as estimated cost of the work.

    Construction Cost Estimating Methods

    The estimated cost of a work is a close approximation of its actual cost. The agreement of the estimated cost with the actual cost will depend on accurate use of estimating methods and correct visualization of the work, as it will be done.

    Importance of correct estimating is obvious. Under-estimating may result in the client getting an unpleasant shock when tenders are opened and drastically modifying or abandoning the work at that stage. Over-estimating may lose the engineer or estimator his client or his job, or in any case his confidence. Purpose of Estimating. Qualifications of an Estimator.

    Data Required for Preparing an Estimate:. Steps in Preparation of an Estimate:. Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works:. Principles of Deciding Unit of Measurement:. Approximate Estimates. Purpose of Estimating: To give a reasonably accurate idea of the cost An estimate is necessary to give the owner a reasonably accurate idea of the cost to help him decide whether the works can be undertaken as proposed or needs to be curtailed or abandoned, depending upon the availability of funds and prospective direct and indirect benefits.

    For government works proper sanction has to be obtained for allocating the required amount. Works are often let on a lump sum basis, in which case the Estimator must be in a position to know exactly how much expenditure he is going to incur on them 1. Estimating Materials From the estimate of a work it is possible to determine what materials and in what quantities will be required for the works so that the arrangements to procure them can be made.

    The number and kind of workers of different categories who will have to be employed to complete the work in the specified time can be found from the estimate. An estimate will help in determining amount and kind of equipment needed to complete the work. The estimate of a work and the past experience enable one to estimate quite closely the length of time required to complete an item of work or the work as a whole. Whereas the importance of knowing the probable cost needs no emphasis, estimating materials, labor, plant and time is immensely useful in planning and execution of any work.

    There are several kinds of estimating techniques; these can be grouped into two main categories 1. Approximate estimates 2.

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    Detailed estimates 1.


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